Scheduling:  Pinnacle Family Care patients may schedule appointments by calling (910) 483-6114 during our normal business hours.  All copays, deductibles, and/or coinsurance must be paid at the time of service. You will not be billed for any of the above. If you are unable to meet your copay, deductible, and/or coinsurance, your appointment will be rescheduled.

When scheduling please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Verification of your address, phone number, and current insurance carrier(s)
  • It is mandatory that you bring your current insurance card to every visit for verification.
  • Reason for your appointment.
  • Appointment reminders is a courtesy.  If you do not receive a reminder call, text, or email you are still responsible to keep your appointment unless a cancellation call is received at least 24 hour in advance.
  • All patients under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian. The parent may send a verifiable note giving PFC permission to see the patient without the parent being present.

Please note that you are required to present your insurance card(s) at each visit and meet all copayment, deductible, and/or patient balance obligation(s) prior to being seen.

Please note: Once you have scheduled an appointment with Pinnacle Family Care, we require a 24-hour advance notice for all cancellations to avoid a $50.00 for a regular follow-up or $75.00 for a physical/yearly exam “no-show” or $35.00 late cancellation fee.  This fee is due prior to any additional appointments being made. Any patient who misses or has late cancellations for three (3) scheduled appointments, will be dismissed/discharged from Pinnacle Family Care, PLLC.

Patient Messages:  All messages for the nursing staff or your provider will be answered within 24 hours from the time of your call. This timeframe does not include weekends.  

All prescription refill requests are satisfied within 48 hours after the request is made. (not including weekends)  Please call a least one week prior to running out of your medications.

When calling in a refill request, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Full Name and Date of Birth
  • Name of the prescription(s), dosage, and quantity
  • Name of your pharmacy or if you require a written prescription for pick up

After Hours Advice:  All calls related to prescriptions, lab results, appointments, and or general medical advice, should be made during normal business.  The Pinnacle Family Care office hours are Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday 8a-1pm.   Our office is also closed during the 12p-1p-lunch hour.  Any calls made to our office after business hours will be forwarded to our Emergency Answering Service and a Registered Nurse will handle your call.