Hospital guidelines: No lobby privileges will be given.  No information regarding a patient’s medical condition will be released to family members without a written consent signed by the patient or legal guardian. In the event that the patient is unable to communicate then the doctor will speak to a family spokesman. Dr. Ray or one of the covering physician will round on you daily.


What to expect if you go to the Emergency Room

  1. The emergency room providers will evaluate you. Once evaluated they decide whether or not to admit or release you to go home.  If you need to be admitted let them know you are a patient of Pinnacle Family Care and they will contact the on call provider.
  2. Providers are not able to speed up or change your time in the Emergency Room until the ED provider completes you workup.


Emergency after hours:

  1. If there is a life threating emergency call 911 or go directly to the Emergency Room.
  2. All calls related to prescriptions, lab results, appointments, and or general medical advice, should be made during normal business. . The Pinnacle Family Care office hours are Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday 8a-1pm.   Our office is also closed during the 12p-1p-lunch hour.  Any calls made to our office after business hours will be forwarded to our Emergency Answering Service and a Registered Nurse will handle your call.
  3. A $20.00 consult fee may be charged if advice is given by the provider.
  4. Call the office number, the phone will ring a message regarding Carelink will play. After this message the phone will ring again and will be answered by Carelink (registered nurses). Give them your name, contact information and your problem and the on-call provider will call you back.